Booking Terms & Conditions

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Woodingdean Community Centre - Terms of booking

Conditions of Hire

Bookings to be subject to payment in advance of the required fee plus deposit

Cheques to be with the Lettings Officer two weeks before the date of the booking.

No refund for cancellation within one calendar month of the booking.

The deposit will be returned to the hirer within one month, subject to assessment of any damage, floor state, missing items, use of drugs, return of the key.

Key to the Centre to be collected from the Lettings Officer, and returned within 48 hours of the hire, or as agreed with the Lettings Officer (else forfeit of the deposit).

The function must not go beyond midnight on the day of the hire (weekend bookings) or 11pm (Mondays to Fridays).

The Centre must be cleaned after use. Please wash the floor if necessary. Cleaning items are kept in the cupboard in the kitchen. A reasonable attempt must be made to clear litter after use. The cleaning charge is for Saturday and Sunday morning sweep up etc before users that day access the Centre.

All rubbish to be taken away and not left in the car park.

CCTV is in constant use inside and out. Evidence of drug use will forfeit the deposit. Unauthorised access to the Centre will be regarded as trespass and reported to the Police.

On completion of the hire, all windows and doors are to be locked, heaters and lights switched off, blinds and curtains opened. Furniture to be replaced as found.

Alcohol can be consumed, but cannot be sold in the Centre, or the grounds and garden areas.

Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the Centre. There are receptacles provided for cigarette ends outside the premises.  If abused, use of the garden for smoking will cease.

Please show consideration for local residents during use of the Centre. Noise to be contained within the Centre after 11pm (please close doors and windows). Keep the noise down when leaving the Centre, especially after 11pm.

Woodingdean Community Association cannot accept any responsibility for injury, loss or damage occurring during the period of hire. The hirer is responsible for the safety of the users during the period of hire, behaviour of users and compliance with safety requirements stated.

Compliance with all legal requirements that might apply during the event / hire is the responsibility of the hirer, for example insurance if applicable, safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults, health and safety (duty of care) and basic risk management.

The Association has a zero-tolerance policy towards abusive language – whether directed at our volunteers or others

Notwithstanding these conditions, which we believe to be no more than common sense, we hope you and your guests enjoy the occasion and the facilities the Centre provides, and you will consider using us again in the future.

We welcome feedback, especially positive feedback, and we will listen to any concerns you might have so that we can improve the future experience for our hirers. Please drop a note through the door, send an email on or speak directly to our Lettings Officer.

Thank you for your custom. It helps keep the Community Centre open for all to enjoy.