Women of Pensionable age


Opening Hours:

Starting on 20/4/22 - 8/6/22
Every week except half term
8 guided group sessions
from 11.30 to 1.00pm


We will meet at the venue, The Wilderness green space, near the West Gate
of the Memorial Grounds, along Warren Road, BN2 6DD.

In case of bad weather we will meet at the Holy Cross Church, 2 Downsway,
Brighton BN2 6BD (offered for free)

Contact Details: 

Chiara Santin, Community-based
family therapist & ecotherapist

Vanessa Jones, forest school
leader & outdoor counsellor

07548 390567



Social Links: 

Woodingdean Community Centre facebook


Sessions are 90 minutes long. We start each session with a check-in, where
members can share something from their week or something that's on their
Each week focuses on a nature-based activity with a specific theme e.g. Earth
& grounding, trees and self-care, forests & support networks, or the seasons.
We will take photos in nature to capture a moment or something in nature
that is meaningful and share one photo if comfortable to do so.
At the end of each session, we will ask participants to share their feedback so
we can adapt the programme and respond to the group needs.

The group is for nature lovers, people who have lost confidence in going
outside or socialising during the pandemic or feel higher levels of anxiety
because of lockdown, people who feel isolated or lonely, people who wish to
connect with others, to build positive relationships and increase their
confidence in sharing experiences.
This will be a small, closed group and participants will be invited to attend all
8 sessions to create a safe space where self-confidence grows as we get to
know each other. There is no pressure to share experiences - it is completely
up to each participant to decide what to share with others.
The group is led by experienced facilitators who help group members to feel
safe and supported.